Drupal: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function user_access()

An update/upgrade on the existing Drupal website may result in a following error message on the website:

"PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function user_access() 
 in /home/user/modules/ad/ad.module on line xxx"

The solution is to update a “status” entry in the Drupal Database. Access your Drupal database either from the Mysql prompt OR using a 3rd party application like phpMyAdmin.

1) Open the table called “System”.

2) Search for the entry “modules/user/user.module” in the “filename” column.

3) Change the value of ‘status’ variable from 0 to 1.

4) Save.

This is it.

Note: If the value of ‘status’ variable is already 1, change it to ‘0’ and then reset back to ‘1’. It should fix the issue.

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