How to assign a dedicated IP to a Sub-domain OR Add-on/Park domain?

By default, cPanel allows one IP per account, however, in case you wish to assign multiple IPs to an account, say for a sub-domain, you can do so by editing a few files. Follow the below steps:

1) The main configuration file of a domain is stored under the /var/cpanel/userdata/<username>/ directory, so edit the subdomain related file under it

# vi /var/cpanel/userdata/<username>/subdomain.domain.tld

Change the value of “IP” to a dedicated IP and save the file. The add-on and Park domains have their related subdomain files in the same directory.

2) Now, rebuild the Apache configuration for the changes to take affect in the respective VirtualHost entry

# /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf 

3) Restart the Apache webserver

# service httpd restart

4) Add the dedicated IP and sub-domain in the /etc/domainips file to mark the dedicated IP as assigned so WHM won’t be able to assign it to other domains.

dedicatedIP: subdomain.domain.tld

Save the file and rebuild the IP pool

# /scripts/rebuildippool

5) Now, edit the DNS zone file of the main domain (i.e. the domain under which the sub-domain is created) and add an ‘A’ record for the sub-domain to point to the new IP.

# vi /var/named/domain.tld.db

Save the file and restart the ‘named’ service

# service named restart

Allow sometime for the new IP to propagate.

Note: Rebuilding the IP pool will still list the IP as free under the WHM -> IP Function -> ‘Show IP Address Usage’, however WHM wont allow you to assign that IP to another domain.

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