Plesk: cannot remove email/domain/client: mailmng failed: Some errors occured

If the mail handlers in Plesk are corrupt, you will be unable to remove the email account OR a domain from the Plesk control panel and will result in the following error


mailmng failed: Some errors occured. See log for details
0: class.MailManager.php:242
MailManager::execWithException(string ‘smart_exec’, string ‘mailmng’, array, array, string ‘lst’)
1: class.MailManager.php:274
MailManager->callMailManager(string ‘remove-mailname’, array)
2: class.MailManager.php:354
MailManager->removeMailname(string ‘domain.tld’, string ’emailid’)


The one of the following 3 methods can be used to resolve the issue:

1) To remove and re-create the mail handlers using the ‘mchk’ script and then deleting the email account from Plesk. For detailed steps, click here

2) To remove the email account via SSH.

# /usr/local/psa/bin/mail --remove email@domain.tld

3) If the above 2 methods doesn’t work, remove the email account from the Plesk database manually (backup the ‘psa’ database first). 

Let’s use the email ID as “” as an example here (of-course, it should be replaced with the actual values in your queries).

Connect to the psa database from SSH:

# mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` psa

Retrieve the domain ID of

mysql> select id from domains where name="";

Now, first we will delete the password of the email account from the ‘accounts’ table by executing the below query:

mysql> delete from accounts where id in (select from \
mail INNER JOIN domains ON where \"" AND mail.mail_name="xyz");

Now, delete the email name ‘xyz’ from the ‘mail’ table (replace ‘ID’ with the id retrieved from the first query)

mysql> delete from mail where dom_id='ID' AND mail_name='xyz';

Once done, restart the Mysql service and you will be able to remove the email account from the Plesk control panel.

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2 Responses to “Plesk: cannot remove email/domain/client: mailmng failed: Some errors occured”

  1. immortal

    Very useful! Rather than calling tech support, I tried out your suggestions here, and it worked like a charm. Thank you! Plesk seems to be a lot more complicated sometimes than it should be.

  2. Geremy

    Fantastic!! I was having no luck sloving this issue using any method, that MySQL method worked a treat!!