List of path to various log files in Plesk

Following is the list of path to different log files on a Plesk server.

Plesk Installation Logs:


Plesk Upgrade Logs including other applications:


Plesk Access and Error Logs:


Plesk Migration Logs:


WatchDog Logs on Plesk:


Apache Web Server Logs on Plesk:


Apache Suexec Logs on Plesk:


Access and Error Logs of a Website (account):


Mysql Logs on Plesk:

/var/lib/mysql/server.hostname.errĀ  (unless defined in /etc/my.cnf)

Named (Bind) Logs on Plesk:


Mail (Qmail and Postfix) Logs on Plesk:


Ftp Logs on Plesk:


Server Logs on Plesk:


Horde Logs:


Cronjob Logs:


SSH Logs:


Mailman Logs:


Tomcat Logs:

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