Plesk Upgrade Error: Unable to install the plesk-core-10.x.x package

You may come across an error “Unable to install┬á package” while upgrading Plesk to 10.x on a CentOS server. The complete error message is as follows:

Error: Unable to install ""
package. Not all packages were installed.
Please, contact product technical support.

The error message does not indicate whether there is a conflicting or a missing package. However, Plesk stores detailed installation and upgrade logs in the /tmp/autoinstaller3.log file.

Open the file and scroll down to where it starts displaying error messages and you will notice something as follows:

The requested package "plesk-core" could not be installed.
Searching problems for the "plesk-core" package.
No suitable solutions were found for the "bind-utils" dependency.
The "bind-utils-30:9.3.6.x86_64" package resolves "bind-utils".

The “bind-utils dependency” error while upgrading Plesk indicates that the bind-utils and bind-libs versions installed by CentOS 5.x is greater than what is supported by Plesk.

To resolve the issue, you need to search and remove the bind-utils and bind-libs packages.

# rpm -qa | grep bind-*
# rpm -e --nodeps bind-utils bind-libs

Now run the Plesk autoinstaller again

# /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/autoinstaller

The Plesk autoinstaller will install the bind packages that is supported by Plesk and the upgrade will go through successfully.

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